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The Swiss company Armand Nicolet makes luxury watches each of which is an example of its own. The watchmakers at Armand Nicolet are in constant search of perfection and innovation and thus every watch production step is carried out with excellence.

If you are looking to buy Armand Nicolet watches online you will notice that most of the watches have a stainless steel dial and an elegant look. The various features that accompany these watches make these watches even more effective. The calendar shows the date, day, and year in separate small dials in the background. The chronograph feature of the watches is also quite helpful for recording and analyzing data.


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There are various different combinations of features present in these watches and when you want to buy Armand Nicolet watches online you must take some time out to figure out which ones are the ideal for you. The other feature combinations include big date & small seconds, small seconds, date, moon & date, date & small seconds, chronograph & complete calendar, day & date, and chronograph & big date.

Most of the watches have breathtaking alligator scales straps in varying colors, whereas few have a stainless steel bracelet as well.

All these beautifully made watches are made and tuned in the atelier of Armand Nicolet, where the watchmakers re-assemble and restore these pieces manually by hand. These delicate movements are because of the numerous years of expertise and hard work of Armand Nicolet.