Baume & Mercier Watches

Baume & Mercier is a renowned watchmaking brand based in Switzerland. This company is founded by two people Paul Mercier and William Baume in 1830 and these days it is owned by Piaget and Cartier, both these groups are organizing this historical watch company. The Baume & Mercier Watches company is working in more than seventy five countries and they are manufacturing around 2000,000 watches per year. The chief business places or markets of this company are France, Spain and Italy.

The brand is also distributed by over 220 worldwide retailers and it recognized itself as one of the world’s top brands of its industry. The Baume & Mercier earned the respect, recognition and success because of its second generation of watches.


The company illustrates itself at the various world fairs and national exhibitions that initiated from the second mid of the 19th century and then onwards. The watches of these brands also won the time accuracy awards in different timekeeping competitions. When they competed in their very first competition in 1885 in the Kew Teddington, the 3 watches of this brand were rated among the top seven watches and in the next year four watches of Baume & Mercier won the competition.

The brand has a lot of celebrity ambassadors such as Evangeline Lilly, Andy Garcia, David Duchovny, Gay Sinise, Teri Hatcher, Asthon Kutcher and many more. The old renowned models of the Baume & Mercier are Transpacific, Classique, Formula, Medicus, Riviera Baumematik, Marquis, Malibu and Avant Grade. While on the other hand, its latest collection includes Hampton Classic, Hampton Spirit, Hampton City, Linea, Riviera, llea, Selector, DiamantClassima Executives XL Dual time and so on.