Cartier Watches

The “Cartier watches” is a prestigious brand of wrist watches. The founder of this brand was “Louis Cartier” a famous businessman and watchmaker, who is well-known all over the world for his extravagant and elegant designs of watches. Mr. Cartier had a great passion about the various mechanical watches and that is why he wants to create his own line of the top quality timepieces. However, this is the fact that his first wrist watch was created by the PatekPhillipe somewhere around at the beginning of the year 1868.

Though, Louis Carter was the person who is responsible for serving to promote and popularize the wrist watches in place of traditional pocket watches. In the year of 1904, a Brazilian friend of Cartier who was a fighter pilot requested him to design and create a watch that he can use during his flights, as pocket watches were not very suitable.


In the reply of his friend’s request Louis Cartier created Santos wrist watch for his friend, which is considered as the very first wristwatch ever made for men and this is also the first product of this recognized brand “Cartier Watches”.  

The most wrist watch models of this brand are Tortue and Baignoire. These two models are introduced in 1912 and because of their top notch material and unique design both of these models are still in production. This is also the Cartier watches who started to give the reference number of their watches which was actually a four digit code stamped on the bottom of each watch. They are offering watches of too many materials like platinum, titanium, gold, steel palladium etc. They also have a good collection of ladies wrist watches.