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The Ebel watches brand was established back in the year 1911 when a husband and wife both brilliant individuals in the business brought about the birth of this unique Ebel brand. Their combined efforts and diligence assured early success of the brand. Uncompromising quality standards brought not only responsiveness to the Ebel brand, but also received orders from other watch manufacturers who purchased completed timepieces for reselling under their own names.

In the year 1929, Charles-Eugene Blum, Who was the son of Marcel Reuche, the founder and expert watchmaker, joined the Ebel brand. Orders placed by most of the luxury watch brands like Vacheron Constantine stayed persistent for the reliable, precise movements offered by the Ebel brand and even though it was not much important for the practicality of the business, some argued that the sophisticated and elegant art of design that has been the synonymous to the brand in its early times as now less of a priority and by the 1960’s the creative momentum by Ebel had rather stagnated.


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Presently, the Ebel brand operates under the ownership of Movado. If you want to buy Ebel watches online, you can check out various online retailers. Make sure you check all the vital details mentioned on the website you intend to purchase the timepiece from. Remember, even a minute detail of the Ebel watches has a meaning and therefore, if you want to buy Ebel watches online, ensure yourself that you are making a great investment.