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Oris is one of the well known makers of Swiss watch started in the watch-making industry in 1904. Since then, the company has various admirers. This is because the qualities of Oris watches are undeniably high and expect to own a timepiece with great design.

 Oris watches are very popular for their unique style and design. As a matter of fact, the company has a good reputation of making timepiece that will stand out and recognized. The Oris collections are according to history in fashion, aviation and sports. Frank Sinatra, Flight Rimer, Williams F1 are some of the impressive collections from Oris.

What makes Oris timepiece unique from another brand of Swiss watches is the unique date pointer. This is because most date watches only show the date as a number, but Oris watches uses a unique design when it comes to date pointer. This makes it as an excellent alternative to other types of watches in the world.


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Oris watches are also available in various designs, colors, styles and patterns for both men and women. If you are looking for a Swiss watch that is just within your budget, then Oris is may just be the right one as they are not too expensive as compared to other brands. This is one of the benefits when you buy Oris watches online.

If you plan to buy Oris watches online, it is very essential to consider several aspects. As there are fake and counterfeit watches offered in the market, make sure to check if the seller or the online store is reputable or recognized by Oris.