TAG Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer is one of the biggest brands of the luxurious wrist watches working under the license of TAG Heuer S.A. The company was established by the St-limer in 1860 as “Uhrenmanufacktur Heuer AG” and in 1985 it was purchased by the TAG group. The brand has some excellent links with the world of Hollywood and sports which help them in keeping their image of innovative spirit and luxury brand.

The chief designer of Tag Heuer watches is ChristophBehling who has been collaborating with the top-notch brand since 2004. Behling designed some of the best and most celebrated pieces of the brand such as the world’s fastest and accurate chronograph.


In 1920, the Tag Heuer was the authorized timekeeper of the three Olympic Games including formula-one races, world championships of Skiing and they also designed the watches for the McLaren F1 team. The Tag Heuer watches brand also has a long list of Hollywood and sports brand ambassadors like Tiger Woods, Cameron Diaz, Jeff Gordon, Uma Thurman, Shahrukh Khan, Steve McQueen, Lewis Hamilton, Maria Sharapove, Leonardo Dicapario and many more.

Some of the most recently launched watches of the Tag Heuer include the “Monaco 69” which has hinged mechanism that allows the wearer to alternate the watch between its two different dials, “the Camera Calibre 360”, which is very first wrist chronograph that has the capability to measure time in milliseconds and the famous Monaco V4 watch.

The specialty of this wristwatch is that it is compelled by the belts instead of traditional gears. The Tag Heuer watches are also used by some of the most powerful persons in the world like American President Barack Obama and Brad Pitt.