Zenith Watches

Zenith SA was started by Georges Favre-Jacot in 1855 when he was only 22 years old. The Zenith is the high end luxury brand of the renowned Swiss watches. In November 1999, the company was purchased by the LVMH. The chief executive officer (CEO) of the company is Jean-FrédéricDufour.

Zenith brand has the great reputation of the precision and quality of their top class watches. They received more than one thousand five hundred and fifty six precision awards. The Zenith is among the few remaining brands of the Swiss watches that is still manufacturing their own original products in the house.


The most famous brand among Zenith  Watches  is El Primero. In 1969, this watch is launched and it is still in the production today because of its classy look. The El Primero is the very first automatic watch that has the capability to move on the frequency of the 36,000 rounds or alternation each hour.

The high resolution rate of this watch allows this watch to display time with great accuracy and it is a lot better than the traditional watches of that time that measured the time with conventional 4Hz frequency (about 28,000 alternations each hour).

Some of the popular collections of Zenith watches are academy, captain, pilot and heritage. The captain’s collection of this thriving brand is popular for its simple and refined design and usually it is preferred by the people who belong to the background like business and corporate industry.

While on the other hand, the heritage collection of Zenith comprises the ultra-thin watches. These Zenith watches are manufactured with the premium quality leather straps decorated with the beautiful crystals and precious gold plating’s.